The 2018 OSSD meeting will be held in Atlanta, GA. Join us in Atlanta for an exciting and diverse scientific program that will provide an opportunity for you to stay informed about the most recent advances in research and policy regarding sex differences in physiology and disease.  The 2018 Program Committee will be chaired by Dr. Douglas Portman

The local host of the meeting is Dr. Anne Murphy.    


OSSD 2018 Program Highlights

Keynote Lecture: Nirao Shah, Ph.D., Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences and of Neurobiology Stanford University

“Molecular and neural control of sexually dimorphic social behaviors”

Nirao Shah

Capstone Lecture:  Londa Schiebinger, Ph.D., John L. Hinds Professor of History of Science, Stanford University Director, Gendered Innovations in Science, Health & Medicine, Engineering, and Environment Stanford University

“Gendered Innovations in Health Research, Machine Learning, and Robotics”


  • PANEL DISCUSSION:   “Sex Differences and the Google Memo"   Moderator: Lise Eliot, PhD, Rosalind Franklin UniversityPanelists: Jill Becker, PhD; Margaret McCarthy, PhD; Deboleena Roy, PhD
  • WORKSHOP LUNCH:  “Efficient and Reproducible Research: An Introduction to the Open Science Framework";  Aaron Wolen, PhD, Virginia Commonwealth Univ.
  • Trainee Social Event - Foxtrot (45 13th street NE, Atlanta, GA) - Tuesday May 1st at 7 pm.  Postdocs and Grad students welcome!

Scientific Symposia:

  • Defining and Measuring Sex and Gender in Clinical Research (Chairs: Louise Pilote, Rachel Dreyer)
  • Endocrine Disruptors: Sex Differences in their Effects During Development (Chair: Janice Juraska)
  • Gender, Sex Hormones, and Lung Inflammation (Chair: Patricia Silveyra)
  • Hormonal Regulation of Behavior and Physiology Across Diverse Species (Chair: Nirao Shah)
  • Implications of Sex and Gender in Clinical Care (Chair: Bruce Becker)
  • In Silico Models and Clinical Trials: Innovative Research and Sex and Gender Implications (Chairs: Pamela Scott, Marjorie Jenkins)
  • Molecular Mechanisms of Sex-Dependent Vulnerability to Stress (Chairs: Kathleen Morrison, Tracy Bale)
  • Neurocircuitry and Neuroplasticity over the Lifespan: Sex-Specific Trajectories Mean Timing is Everything (Chair: Heather Brenhouse)
  • Nuclear Structure and Sex Differences (Chairs: Christine Disteche, Carolyn Brown)
  • Sex Differences at the Electrophysiological Level: A Focus on the Limbic System (Chair: Lisa Briand)
  • Sex Differences in Cerebrovascular Disease: Epidemiology to Epigenetics (Chairs: Louise McCullough, Mat Reeves)
  • Sex Differences in Learning and Plasticity (Chairs: Debra Bangasser, Nicola Grissom)
  • Sex Differences in Pain from the Sensory Nerves to the Brain (Chair: Dayna Loyd Averitt)
  • Sex Differences in the Pathogenesis of Infectious Diseases (Chairs: Andy Pekosz, Sabra Klein)
  • Sex Steroids, Puberty, and Adolescent Brain Development: A Translational Approach to Understanding Peak Vulnerability to Psychopathology in Adolescence (Chairs: Marianne Seney, Cecile Ladouceur)
  • Sex-Specific Outcomes of Environmental Chemical Exposures (Chair: John Meitzen)
  • Statistical Methodologies on Sex Chromosome Association (Chairs: Wei Xu, Lei Sun)
  • Women and Alzheimer's Disease: A Scientific Update from the SWHR Interdisciplinary Panel on Alzheimer's Disease (Chair: Pauline Maki)
  • Current Topics in Sex Differences Research: Genetics and Neuroscience
  • Current Topics in Sex Differences Research: Physiology and Metabolism

Important Dates

March 9, 2018                 Travel Award and Elizabeth Young New Investigator Award Applications/Abstracts due (see Abstract submission for details)

March 23, 2018               Travel Award and Elizabeth Young New Investigator Award Notifications

April 8, 2018                    Early Bird Registration Rate for Members Ends and Loews Hotel Room Block Closes

April 15, 2018                   Final Abstracts due (poster / presentations)

April 30 - May 3, 2018      Meeting Dates

Registration Rates

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Sponsors and Exhibitors

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