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Women's Health Research Satellite Event 

Recently the US White House announced an Initiative on Women’s Health Research as a way to improve women’s health by investing in research. While we await the details of this specific initiative, we need to acknowledge the broad health disparities facing women, sexual, racial and ethnic minorities that still exist across the world. These disparities likely stem from a worldwide lack of focus on these variables, including on the need to understand female health specifically. While studying sex and gender influences is important, it is merely a first step in understanding how and why women’s disease risks are different across a variety of disorders.  This pre-meeting satellite to the 18th annual meeting of Organization for the Study of Sex Differences has brought together experts asking questions specifically about women’s health from mental to cardiovascular health.  We have gathered 14 speakers world-wide who will delve into topics related to hormonal cycles, pregnancy and the postpartum, hormone therapy, menopause and endometriosis. There are also talks on the need for more education in women’s health in medical school and how basic science can translate in women’s health startups.  We hope by providing time to spotlight women’s health research we can show that understanding women’s health is needed in order to effectively compare across sexes and genders.  Please join us to learn more and join the growing movement to turn the dial towards greater understanding of the need for specific research focusing on women and gender-diverse individuals.