Best Poster Award at OSSD Meeting from Biology of Sex Differences

The journal would like to highlight and support work performed by young investigators (including Assistant Professors) attending the meeting. Winners will be announced at the meeting and will be featured in a blog post highlighting their work. They will also receive an APC waiver for their next submission to the journal.

Please contact Jill Becker for further information: 

2024 BSD Poster Award

Jennifer E Richard, CAMH & University of Gothenburg
Insights into the greater risk for Alzheimer’s disease in females: Parity, body weight, and estradiol

Ibrahim Khodabocus, University of Alberta
Sepsis causes sex-specific alterations in mitochondrial function and reactive oxygen species generation

2023 BSD Poster Award
Madeline Wood, University of Toronto for the poster presentation by Madeline Wood & Jennifer Rabin;
Synergistic effects of age at menopause and vascular risk on cognition

2022 BSD Poster Awards
Damian Di Florio, Mayo Clinic
Sex Differences in Mitochondria during Viral Myocarditis

V. Alexandra Moser
Sex differences in aging and in the regenerative effects of iPSC-derived immune cells

Annual BSD Award Winners:

2017:  Dr. Joanna Floros for the paper by George Noutsios, Nithyananda Thorenoor, Xuesheng Zhang, David Phelps, Todd Umstead, Faryal Durrani, Joanna Floros; SP-A2 contributes to miRNA-mediated sex differences in response to oxidative stress:  pro-inflammatory, anti-apoptotic, and anti-oxidant pathways are involvedBiology of Sex Differences 2017, 8:37 (22 June 2017)

2016: Dr. Patricia Silveyra for the paper by Vikas Mishra, Susan L DiAngelo, Patricia Silveyra; Sex-specific IL-6-associated signaling activation in ozone-induced lung inflammationBiology of Sex Differences 2016, 7:16 (5 March 2016)

2015:  Dr. Jaclyn Schwarz for the paper by Caitlin K Posillico, Laurne S Terasaki, Staci D Bilbo, Jaclyn M Schwarz;  Examination of sex and minocycline treatment on acute morphine-induced analgesia and inflammatory gene expression along the pain pathway in Sprague-Dawley rats.  Biology of Sex Differences 2015, 6:33 (15 December 2015)

2014:  Dr. John Stallone for the paper by Rachel R Deer, John N Stallone;  Effects of age and sex on cerebrovascular function in the rat middle cerebral artery.  Biology of Sex Differences 2014, 5:12 (11 September 2014)

Art Arnold, former Editor-in-Chief of Biology of Sex Differences, presents Joanna Floros with the 2017 OSSD Member BSD Publication Award.